Course Etiquette and Safety


Here are a few basic rules of golfing etiquette to follow to make playing golf enjoyable for all. One of the most common complaints from Golfers are about other golfers not being aware of other players or repairing the course after they have played.

Golfing dos
* Replace all divots you have created with your club.
* Give warning to other golfers of a wayward shot by shouting ‘Fore!’.
* Allow a group of quicker players to go ahead of your group.
* Rake the sand after you have played a shot from a bunker.

Golfing do nots
* Idly chat while on the tee or green, it is very distracting.
* Take too many practice swings on the tee.
* Walk about the course when others are playing their shot.
* Unnecessarily rush a group of golfers ahead of you.
* Wheel your golf trolley across the green or tee.
* Wear heavy footwear that is going to damage the putting green.
* Hit your ball when another group of players is within range.
* Mark your scorecard on the green while another group is waiting behind you.
* Spend more than three minutes looking for a lost ball.

Greenkeeper Safety

Golfers are expected to wait for staff to acknowledge them and move out of range, BEFORE playing a shot that might endanger them.
Greens staff are always vigilant when working on the course and are aware of golfers waiting to play.
A two-step signalling process is explained in the diagram

Please also note the following points: -
* If the greenkeeper is within 2 minutes of completing a task, they will finish before moving away.
* If the greenkeeper is NOT within 2 minutes of completing the task, they will move to a position of safety and wave golfers on.
* DO NOT assume a greenkeeper will be able to hear or react to a shout of “FORE!”
* A position of safety includes parking at the edge of the fairway and facing away from golfers.
* All golfers and greens staff have been provided with this information.
* ANY subsequent near misses, resulting from impatient golfers will be reported and pursued by the club.
* This is a Zero Tolerance Policy.